The overall aim of this twinning course is to provide an education for students who aspire for management positions in hospitality organizations across the world. Students are introduced, through this course, to the wide choice of career opportunities available within the hospitality industry.
The honours degree programme is designed to prepare graduates for careers as hospitality managers at the top levels in hotels, restaurants, clubs, cruise liners, industrial and public sector organizations, such as hospitals, and educational establishments throughout the world. Hospitality graduates are also in high demand in a number of other service sectors like banks, airlines, retail and in customer service jobs in all industries. Your Ulster degree will be widely accepted and respected by all sectors of the industry, as it meets the needs of an expanding profession and its professional competencies.
The B. Sc. Honours in International Hospitality Management is a four years degree programme. The biggest advantage of this four year programme offered by RIG Institute is that you spend only two and half years in UK out of which one year is for Internship training in the international hotels and restaurants in UK or elsewhere.
You study in India and pay Indian fees for the first four semesters in RIG Institute lasting about a total of 18 months. (equivalent to three semesters in UU). You have only three academic semesters to be spent in the university when you will pay your tuition fees. This fees has also been reduced by the university by 25% by a special arrangement with RIG Institute and comes to Pound 3400 per semester. You will be thus getting the best financial deal out of all other options of studying in UK or Europe.
You can earn up to Pound 12,000 a year during your one year of internship in UK which will be after your first semester in the university. Thus practically your entire tuition fees and living expenses at Ulster will be earned back by your working opportunities during the course of your studies.
Best Career Opportunities and Further Studies – Opportunities also exist for appropriately qualified graduates to continue their postgraduate study within the school by applying for the MSc in International Hotel and Tourism Management, MSc in International Tourism Development or the MSc in Events Management.



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