University of Ulster

Situated in Northern Ireland, it is in one of the most picturesque regions in the UK.

With over 25,000 students in four campuses, it is one of the most popular universities in terms of number of students who chose to study there.Independent research shows that the University of Ulster is seen to be a modern, forward-looking, progressive and entrepreneurial university.The university has two Noble Prize Winners on its staff among a very highly rated faculty.Northern Ireland and UU’s campus cities have a very affordable cost of living compared to many parts of UK and most countries of Europe. It may come to about Pound 100 per week for board and lodging.The University is very strong in its facilities for sports and leisure and has built a British Pound 20 million Sports Centre. Ulster Business School, Hospitality and Tourism programme is part of Ulster Business School which is located in Belfast. Ranked 2nd in UK by Guardian newspaper, the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism programme in UU is rated very highly. National Students Survey of UK rated its Travel and Tourism subject area in first place and Marketing in second place in all of UK.Research work in the Business School is rated very highly by UK Research Assessment Exercise.

The Business School including its hospitality programme maintains strong links with corporate community in UK and Europe. This provides strong networking opportunities to the faculty and the students which is helpful in seeking internships and jobs. UU’s 1, 40,000 alumni in 121 countries is also a great asset in the networking.