Ankit Karan Kohli

Working in Burj Al Arab as Executive Butler. I am very thankful to CEO, Principal and all faculty of RIG.

Karan Kohli


Rig has been a turning point in my career. The institute has provided me a platform where I nurtured myself as a better human being.

Academically the institute is full of people who give you a chance to find out who you are the qualities in you and help increase your potential to accomplish what you should. I would thank all my faculty members, our principal, our CEO. Thank you so much for evolving me for what I m today.


Ankit Shahroj Khan

I am working as Training Supervisor at Dubai Design District, Dubai. It would be a great pleasure for me to completing degree course from RIG.
I sincerely thankful to the CEO, Principal, Faculty members for what I am today.

Shahroj Khan

Kunal Baghel

I am Kunal Baghel working as Assistant Manager in Front Office at Exclusive Hotel, Dubai.
I am thankful to the RIG institute to enhance my skill and knowledge in 3 years
Kunal Baghel

Guneet Guneet Bedi, 3rd Year Student at Ulster Business School, University of Ulster

I do realize it has been quite some time since you have heard from me but just thought I would drop in for a long overdue update as to how the U.K has been treating me and let me tell you, it is nothing short of amazing.

Everything from the sights to the sounds, to the food and people, it has been a good year. Still cracking away at my placement at the time being and will be continuing too till September 2014. Then back to University for final year which is going to be a hectic one but all in all a worthwhile learning experience and with that being said, I would like to show my gratitude to you and everyone at RIG who helped us reach this position.

I am currently working at Great Fosters Hotel in Surrey, Egham which is on the outskirts of London. It’s a 4 star hotel and an experience in itself. I have gotten plenty of positive of feedback.

Hope all is well with you and everyone else at RIG.
Wish all the best to all RIG students

Guneet Bedi

Ankit Chaudhary

Butler at Silver Seas Luxury Cruise Salary: Rs. 1,50,000

Since the very first moment I came to RIG Institute all over from Nepal to do my Hotel Management, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this Institute are cooperative and helpful. They all want their students to perform well. This college has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond my expectations. This collage keeps the students first; you will not be let down. I believe it is a privilege to come to this college and I am so glad that I made that decision…

Aditya I am Aditya Khokhar,

Butler at Silver Seas Luxury Cruise Salary: Rs. 1,50,000

studying at RIG Institute of hospitality and management that provide me with excellent opportunities to improve my academics skills, the supervised work experience element of the course enhance my professional skill and give me the confidence I needed to work with hotel industry.  Support and guidance were always available from experienced and dedicated staff. 

 Hi!.. I am Y Rajkumar working at Carnival Cruise lines in USA since 2011. Salary; Rs. 75,000

My dream was to become a chef and when I joined Hotel Management course at RIG Institute I realized that it was the correct choice.

During my college studies, the facilities and the resources were exactly like that of a 5 star hotel and it provided me with real world learning. I thank all my teachers and Chefs especially Chef Vikas, Chef Amit and Chef Lee to guide me. My sincere appreciation for the Management of RIG Institute for providing us a professional atmosphere for leaning. Finally I would like to thank our Principal Prof. B N Mohanty for guiding me to select proper career path.
I wish RIG Institute with continued success and growth.

Rishta Hello, I am Rishta Woodun, an International student from the beautiful Island named, Mauritius.

I have completed my Higher Diploma course of 3 years from RIG Institute of Hotel Management and this is a glorious moment for me when I am writing few words about my college.

RIG Institute is a place of knowledge and bliss and besides has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically as well as to secure a place in one of the most renowned Hotel of the World with its best placement services.

I dedicate my success to all the team members of RIG, who guided me to become a successful professional. All my knowledge that I have picked up from the college during the course of my three years of study have come into play.
Now the one thing I’ve learned is that true education comes from personal encounters with mentors.

I am Nitin Garg.

I choose to take up B. Sc. (Hons) in International Hospitality Management which is a 2+2 course offered by RIG Institute of Hospitality and Management. In this course I did 2 years in India and last 2 years at University of Ulster, Belfast at UK.

Best years of my student life were spent at RIG Institute, where I learnt a lot under the guidance of the esteemed faculty members which were supportive throughout.

I would like to thank Mr. Rohit Bhatia, CEO, the management and the faculty members for giving me this opportunity.

Twinkle Hi!.. I am Twinkle Jindal working as Management Trainee at the IHG Group Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida.

From the moment we come to being, we begin learning… From learning to sit, stand, crawl and talk, the learning never stops. RIG institute has been the organisation for me to learn and develop myself giving me a platform to grow more than I could ever imagine. I always owe the beginning of my career to my CEO and wonderful faculty for recognising my potential and nurturing me to be all I am !

Best Regards

I am Harshit Bisht

Management Trainee

It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of RIG Institute. This institute has taught me the professionalism of the industry.

The environment and faculty are very co-operative here. The quality of education which was provided to me was of international standards. I am very thankful to this institute to lead me towards success…

Harshal Harshal Antil

Management Trainee Club Mahindra

 My journey of my career started in the prestigious college of RIG institute of Hospitality and Management. I have had a great 3 years studying and learning with one of the best faculties I have come across, I have learned many things starting from scratch to the knowledge I have gained right now, my college has given me great opportunities to work and has made me reach where I am right now. I have met many great people, and the facilities provided have been really helpful in achieving my dream of eventually being the best chef in the world. It has been a pleasure to have studied in such an Institute and I hope many others grasp the same opportunity, the best days of my life were spent there, really grateful to have studied there.

Vaibhav Gulati

RIG to me is not just an educational institute, It’s a place where I have experienced the best part of my life. I entered the Institute as a fresher and through the dedicated efforts of the faculty and the management Professionalism was introduced to me as not just a word but rather as a way of life. These teachings and the things i have learnt here will remain with me for the rest of my life. Among all the precious things I have received from RIG the most profound has been “peace of mind”, by helping me in all aspects of my education right from the first day I entered into the campus, through my Industrial trainings to my placements and beyond, has led me to focus on what I truly wanted to do and achieve without any reason for doubt. 

I wish from the bottom of my heart that al those seeking a successful carrier as a hotelier would benefit as much from RIG as I have been able to.

Anand Anand Mani Uniyal

Jr. Sous Chef, The Imperial New Delhi

I was very lucky to join RIG institute in 2007 and in 2010, I successfully secured a job in the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi and I got direct appointment as “Management Trainee”.

I am thankful to the RIG institute to enhance my skill and knowledge in 3 years. RIG has excellent labs, advance kitchens, committed & qualified and experienced team of facility. Throughout the 3 years, I have been trained by chefs with International work experience. The credit of my success goes to my institutes C.E.O Mr. Rohit Bhatia, Prof. B.N.Mohanty and each and every member of RIG family .